4 Handy And Best Tools To Use When You Write For Money

Writing is a hobby, talent and unique profession. Writers are the most exceptional workers around the globe. They don’t operate under tight schedules but still manage to scoop larger salaries than most workers in other industries. They specialize in a variety of areas and niches and still make it to keep each of their clients satisfied. As a writer, you should be flexible, resourceful and professional. You must as well be up to date and fully equipped with the necessary tools to keep your writing skills and written pieces top-notch. Here I outline the best and most important tools every writer who writes for money needs to have.

Productivity Tools

The most pitiful thing about writing for money is that you only earn when you work. If your productivity is low, your earning will also be low. For your productivity to be high as a writer, you need to have the right productivity tools. Here is a checklist of the most critical productivity tools to have.

1. Teux Deux-It’s a premium online calendar that enables you to design easy to-do list of everything you want to do through the week.

2. StayFocused-This is a chrome add-on that works to block all websites and applications that disrupt you when busy doing other essential things.

3. Controlled Multi-Tabbed Browsing-It is a Chrome application that assists you manage your time efficiently.

Quality And Plagiarism Checking Tools

Quality and uniqueness are two essential aspects that matter a lot when it comes to content provision. Every content requester wants unique and high-quality articles whenever they pay you to write for them. To enable you improve the quality and uniqueness of your content, these are the most important tools to have.

1. Grammarly Plagiarism Checker- It’s a paid proofreading, punctuation and grammar checking tool that assists you write quality articles free of grammar and punctuation mistakes.

2. Copyscape-This online-based tool assists you to write 100% unique articles for a small fee.

3. Read Able-It is a free application which tests the reading level of your content and allows you make corrections where you made mistakes.

Keyword Search And Checking Tools

It really feels bad to have your article rejected because it didn’t meet all the requirements of the keyword. Poor keyword search leads to poor and out of topic writing. To ensure you always write articles that meet all the requirements of the keyword, make sure you have the tools I have outlined below.

1. Live Keyword Analysis-It’s a free SEO tool which helps you calculate keyword density to ensure the dentist of the provided keyword in your article do not exceed the required percentage.

2. SEO Book Keyword Research Tool-With this tool, you are sure to get relevant and useful ideas about your keyword.

3. Word Counter-This tool enables you to identify the most repetitive words in an article.

Content Optimization Tools

All the articles you write must be keyword optimized. Most content requesters will require you to write articles that are optimized for search engines. For you to be able to achieve this, you will need the tools outlined here.

1. WordPress SEO Plugin-This free tool enable you to write articles that are fully optimized for SEO and search engines.

2. ProWritingAid-This tool helps scrutinize your text and highlight all grammar errors, writing style and overused words.

3. EditMinion-With this tool, you are able to write articles that include proper use of adverbs, passive voice and homonyms.

Jennifer Broflowski is a blogger and friend of Edusson Australia