National Bravery Awards Year 2016

National Bravery Awards Year 2016




Shivampet Ruchitha, Telangana


8-year-old Shivampet Ruchitha was the youngest to receive the award this year. Ruchita saved two of her school mates when a train hit their school bus. She noticed that their bus had stopped on a railway track and a train was coming towards them. Showing extraordinary presence of mind, she pushed two students out of the window and jumped off the bus herself too. Unfortunately, she could not save her younger sister who was sitting in the front row. Her younger brother sustained severe injuries, but he has recovered now. 16 students, the driver, and the conductor lost their lives in that accident. She was honoured with the Geeta Chopra award.

Arjun Singh, Uttarakhand

Arjun Singh

A tiger entered 16-year-old Arjun Singh’s house in Uttarakhand. He showed extreme courage and fought it off, saving his mother’s life who had fainted as soon as the tiger entered. Arjun went into a room and picked up a sickle to fight the tiger. As it was too small to hit from a distance, Arjun grabbed a stick and waved it towards the tiger. He did not stop until the villagers reached there and the animal ran away on seeing the crowd. Arjun received the Sanjay Chopra award.

Late Shivansh Singh, Uttar Pradesh

Late Shivansh Singh

Shivansh Singh, a 14-year-old medal-winning swimmer from Faizabad, was posthumously honoured with the prestigious Bharat Award. He lost his life while trying to save his friend from drowning in the Saryu River.

Late Gaurav Kawduji Sahastrabuddhe, Maharashtra

Late Gaurav Kawduji

Gaurav was only 15 when he lost his life while rescuing four of his friends from drowning in the Ambazari lake. He was a good swimmer and had gone to the lake one afternoon in June 2014. While playing in the water, his friends suddenly started drowning. According to the police, Gaurav swam for 20 minutes and rescued them all. But while trying to pull out the last boy, he hit his head on a submerged stone and drowned. He received the Bharat Award.

Aromal SM, Kerala

Aromal SM

12-year-old Aromal is one of the six winners from Kerala. He saved two women from drowning in a 14-feet pond and was honoured with the Bapu Gaidhani Award.

Rakeshbhai Shanabhai Patel, Gujarat

Rakeshbhai Shanabhai

This 13-year-old received the Bapu Gaidhani Award for saving a boy who accidentally fell into a well.

Ramdinthara, Mizoram


Ramdinthara saved two boys who were stuck on a transformer fence. The 15-year-old pulled the boys out with his bare hands and took them to the hospital. Son of a tea-seller, Ramdinthara was walking past the transformer when he saw that two boys were struggling to free themselves after falling on the fence. He overcame his fear in just a few seconds and grabbed their hair to pull them up. He received the Bapu Gaidhani Award.

Abinash Mishra, Odisha

Abinash Mishra

Abinash Mishra, 12, saw his friend drowning in Kushabhadra River. Without thinking twice, he just jumped into the river and swam to the shore after saving his friend. He is one of the recipients of the General National Bravery Award.

Chongtham Kuber Meitei, Manipur

Chongtham Kuber

13-year-old Chongtham Kuber Meitei became a local hero after he jumped into a 10-feet deep well to save a girl from drowning. He was awarded with the General National Bravery Award.

Kashish Dhanani, Gujarat

Kashish Dhanani

10-year-old Kashish protected his 15-months-old sibling from a German Shepherd. He received the General National Bravery Award.

Muhammad Shamnad, Kerala

Muhammad Shamnad

14-year-old Muhammad Shamnad showed outstanding courage when he risked his life to save a little girl from drowning in a pond. He received the General National Bravery Award.


Mohit Mahendra Dalvi, Maharashtra

Mohit Mahendra

14-year-old Mohit saved his 10-year-old neighbour from drowning in Banganga Lake last year. When Krishna Pashtye slipped into the lake, Mohit was the only one of the hundreds of onlookers who had the courage to dive into the lake and save her. He was honoured with General National Bravery Award.

Abhijith K.V, Kerala

Abhijith K

15-year-old Abhijith was honoured with the General National Bravery Award for saving his friend from drowning in a 25 feet deep pond.

Sarwanand Saha, Chhattisgarh

Sarwanand Saha

Sarwanand Saha received the General National Bravery Award for saving a man from drowning in Mahanadi River.

Sai Krishna Akhil Kilambi, Telangana

Sai Krishna

This 15-year-old saved his mother from electrocution. His mother came in contact with a live electric wire at their residence in Agapura when she was washing the floor. Sai Krishna was quick to think on his feet and he instantly rushed forward to turn off the mains supply while making sure that he did not step into the water. He was honoured with the General National Bravery Award.

Dishant Mehndiratta, Haryana

Dishant Mehndiratta

Dishant Mehndiratta was at his home in Panchkula, with his mother and younger brother. His father had just left for work when a stranger knocked at the door asking for him. The family invited him in and Dishant’s mother, Archana, called her husband to inform about the visitor. His father couldn’t recognise the man and asked him to come later. This was when the stranger asked if he could use the toilet. And while Archana was leading the way to show him the bathroom, he suddenly took out a knife and put it on her neck. He started threatening the children, asking them to bring out all the cash and valuables. Dishant made a quick plan and fell down on the man’s feet pretending to plead with him. And after a few seconds, he suddenly stood up, grabbed the knife from his hand, and threw it away. The family raised an alarm and got him arrested. Dishant received the General National Bravery Award for this courageous act.

Joena Chakraborty, Chhattisgarh

Joena Chakraborty

When a man snatched away her father’s mobile phone, 10-year-old Joena Chakraborty started running after him without wasting a single second, and brought the phone back.

Nilesh Bhil, Maharashtra

Nilesh Bhil

Nilesh Bhil from Kothli was awarded the General National Bravery Award for saving a boy from drowning.

Beedhovan, Kerala


14-year-old Beedhovan saved a boy from electrocution and was honoured with the General National Bravery Award.

Nithin Philip Mathew, Kerala

Nithin Philip

13-year-old Nithin was honoured for saving his neighbour’s family after their house caught fire in a cylinder blast.

Bhimsen, Uttar Pradesh


A boat got overturned in Sarayu River. 12-year-old Bhimsen, who was present on his own boat, jumped into the water and saved 14 people from drowning.

Angelica Tynsong, Meghalaya

Angelica Tynsong

Angelica Tynsong, 13, from Ri Bhoi district, saved her 7-month-old brother when their house caught fire. Her brother was sleeping while she was washing clothes, and their parents were not present in the house at the time of the incident.

Anandu Dileep, Kerala

Anandu Dileep

14-year-old Anandu Dileep was going to his tuition class with his friends. They were crossing a bridge when his friend slipped and fell into the 10-feet-deep canal. Anandu jumped into the water and rescued him.

Maurice Yengkhom, Manipur


Maurice was playing on the terrace with his friend who suddenly got an electric shock. Had it not been for Maurice’s presence of mind, his friend would have lost his life. The 14-year-old picked up a cane chair and started hitting him till he was free.

Vaibhav Ramesh Ghangare, Maharashtra

Vaibhav Ramesh

Vaibhav Ramesh Ghangare from Wardha also received the General National Bravery Award. He saved a 6-year-old child from drowning.

Daijiworld Charity

1007_big_Riyona Pinto
From  daijiworld charity page
Baby Riyona Pinto (11 months) D No. 30-11-208,Katinja, Pedamale, Mangaluru 575029

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Baby Riyona Pinto, aged 11 months, D/o Roney Pinto is suffering from Congenital heart disease, large perimembraneous VSD with left to right shunt, dialed LA/LV, severe PAH, increased pulmonary venous return and good bi-ventricular function. She requires high risk surgical closure of VSD at the earliest.
The estimated cost of the surgical procedure will be approximately Rs.2 lacs including cost of the surgery, cardiac OT/ITU charges, blood charges, investigations, diet, medicines, room rent and all other expenses incurred during the hospital stay. The above surgery has to be done as early as possible.
The parents of the child have recently come and resided in Kelarai parish and the Church has helped them to build a house. They are very poor and are in dire need of help. Kindly help the family generously so that they can save the life of the child.
Your kind remittances may please be sent to their following bank account:
Bank Account No.: 007600101016610
Name of the Account Holder: Cynthia Pinto
Bank: Corporation Bank,
076 Mangaluru, 215, Padavu Village, Padavu B
Panchayat, Post Box 911, Kulshekar 575005.
Bank IFSC Code: CORP0000076
Telephone No.: 91 90081 59888
Thirtha Kumari(4 yrs), No. 115,2nd Cross,Coolie Block,Bhadravathi 577301

Monday, April 04, 2016

Thirtha Kumari(4 yrs),D/o Manjunatha, was diagnosed with tracheo-oesophageal fistula,subglottic stenoisis, anorectal malformation with congenital heart disease.
Tracheo-oesophageal repair was done at Indira Gandhi Institute of child health and devise close of PDA done in Sapthagiri Superspeciality Hospital, Bangalore. The patient underwent Anterior Sagittal Anorectoplasty in Government Wenlock Hospital and Laryngotracheoplasty for subglottic stenosis in KMC Hospital, Attavar.
The patient had multiple procedures in different hospitals since birth incurring huge expenses for hospitalization and treatment. The parents have spent around Rs seven lacs for treatment so far.As the parents are poor, they find it difficult to pay for medicines and hospitalization of the child. Therefore, they have requested for donations from kind hearted individuals so that they can save the life of the child.
Your kind remittances may please be sent to the following bank account:
Bank Account No.: 4837101000588
Name of the Account Holder: Manjunatha
Bank: Canara Bank, 1st Floor, Sudhai Complex, S J Road,
Janapura, Bhadravathi, Shimoga 577301.
Bank IFSC Code: CNRB0004837
Telephone No.: 91 87108 84597
Rubina Sartho(34),Palethady House,Pavoor Post,Via Manjeshwar,Kasargod-671323

Friday, March 18, 2016

Rubina Sartho(34),wife of Thomas D’Souza, is diagnosed as a case of recurrent giant cell tumour. She is being treated in Father Muller Hospital with Inj denosumab chemotherapy. She has already undergone six such chemotherapies at the cost of Rs 1,60,000 that too after concession. She had to also undergo a couple of operations. She is a teacher by profession.
She will have to be treated with further four chemotherapies costing more than Rs one lac. She has other medical tests and treatments with separate expenses. She has two small children. Her husband being a driver is not in a position to cope up with the medical expenditure.
Please send your generous and kind remittances to her following bank account:
Bank Account No.: 40606101007453
Name of the Bank Account Holder: Rubina Sartho
Bank: Kerala Gramina Bank, 
Pavoor Post, Via Manjeshwar,Kasargod
Bank IFSC Code: KLGB0040606
Telephone No.: 91 94472 86881, 91 94476 53073
Pranesh(24),2-112,Uliya Alangar,Moodbidri-574227.

Monday, March 07, 2016

Pranesh(24), S/o Jagadish Acharya, is suffering from Hypertension, Iga Nephropathy, CKD V. He needs maintenance haemodialysis and AVF creation. Cost of the HD is around Rs 15,000/- per month and AVF creation cost is around Rs.25,000/-.
He needs Renal Transplant Surgery if suitable donor is available cost of which is around Rs 4 lacs and Rs 15,000/- per month lifelong for maintenance immunosuppressant drugs.

He has requested kind hearted donors to help him monetarily as he does not have that kind of money.

Your remittances may please be sent to his following bank account.


Bank Account No.: 4822500101913901
Name of the Account Holder: Pranesh
Bank: Karnataka Bank,
Moodbidri Branch
1st Floor,tribhuvan Bldg,
near Bust Stand,pb10,
moodabidri 574227
Bank IFSC Code: KARB0000482
Telephone No.: 91 96115 35210 / 7406839246
Alicia Angel D’ Souza(5 years),Bikarnakatte,Bajjodi Road,Mangaluru 575005

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Alicia Angel D’Souza(5 years) D/o Anil D’ Souza,is suffering from bilateral developmental dysplasia of hip. She requires treatment in the form of re-constructive surgery. The approximate cost of the surgery including hospitalization will be Rs 2 lacs.

The parents of the child are poor and the surgery is needed soon in Manipal KMC. The child needs your prayers as the surgery is risky and financial help.

Please send your kind hearted donations to their following bank account:

Bank Account No. 364402010007175
Name of the Account Holder: Janet Laveena D’Souza (Mother)
Bank: Union Bank, Padavu, Maroli,
Post Box 932, Ramakrishna Complex,
Kulshekar post, Mangaluru.
Bank IFSC Code: UBIN0536440
Telephone No.: 91 78994 68351
Master Ashton D’ Souza(3 years),Manjalakodi House, Borkatte post,Udupi 574502

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Master Ashton D’ Souza(3 years), S/o Stephen D’ Souza,  is suffering from an heart ailment
and needs open heart surgery which costs Rs 2,51,000. He is under treatment at Manipal Hospital, Bangaluru.
As his parents are poor, they have requested for your kind and generous monetary help so as to save the child. Please send your kind remittances to their following bank account:
Bank Account No.: 32538704963
Name of the Bank Account Holder: Stephen D’ Souza
Bank: State Bank of India, 270 Ward No. 2, 
Ground Floor, Karkala
Bank IFSC Code: SBIN0005189
Mobile No.: 91 98441 85824
Vincent D’ Souza(48),Nugi House,Ajekar Post,Karkala Taluk 574101

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Vincent D’ Souza(48) is admitted in A J Hospital and Research Center, Mangaluru with diagnosis of IHD – Recent unstable angina, coronary artery disease and significant double vessel disease. The
estimated cost of his treatment is Rs two lacs.
As he is poor and cannot afford the expenses himself, he needs generous financial help. His wife Irine works in Ajekar school as an attender and earns Rs 5,000 per month. She is the only breadwinner in the family.

Kindly send your generous remittances to their following bank account:

Bank Account No.: 009800101011325
Name of the Account Holder: Jacintha Irine D’ Souza
Bank: Corporation Bank, Ajekar Branch,
 098 Ajekar, Athithi, Ajekar 574101
Bank IFSC Code: CORP0000098
Ph.No: 91 98806 05798
Khan Ameer Bashir(23) Millath Road,Ambar,Mangalpady post,Kasargod-Kerala 671324

Friday, February 19, 2016

Khan Ameer Bashir(23) S/o Bashir Khan, Baithul Usman,  had met with a train accident on June 13, 2008 and undergone major surgery in Yenepoya Hospital and A J Hospital, Mangaluru.
His is a case of crush injury on both the legs. Amputation was done below right knee and he is on prosthesis. He had an infection on left foot for which he was treated in Father Muller hospital with
debridement and free microvascular flap cover(LD) on January 4, 2015 followed by debulking on May 6, 2015. The total cost of surgery,hospitalization and medication was approximately Rs two lacs.
He is walking with support at present. He needs to undergo further flap debulking and foot reconstruction. The estimated cost is another Rs one lac.He is financially weak and cannot afford to bear all these medical and surgical expenses.He has humbly requested for donations from kind hearted individuals. Please send your kind donations to his following bank account:
Bank Account No.: 4672500101229301
Name of the Account Holder: Khan Ameer Bashir
Bank: Karnataka Bank Ltd, 
Mangalpady Branch, Bombay Bazar, 
Kaikamba, Uppala 671322
Bank IFSC Code: KARB0000467
Mobile No.: 91 97463 69069
Muliya Channappa Babu(48),3-104,Golimar House,Kariangala Polali-574219

Friday, February 19, 2016

Muliya Channappa Babu(48), S/o Babu Muliya,is under treatment at Dr Lajpatrai Mehra’s Neurotherapy Center, Kinnikambala for Paralysis since the last one year.
His treatment charges are Rs 8,000 per month. As he is bedridden, he is unable to earn and pay for his medical expenses. Kindly send your wholehearted donations for his treatment to his following bank account:
Bank Account No.: 01512200063910
Name of the Account Holder: Muliya Channappa Babu
Bank: Syndicate Bank, Kaikamba, 
Ramachandra Building, Main Road,
Kinnikambla post, Mangaluru 574151
Bank IFSC Code: SYNB0000151
Telephone No.: 91 97404 20644
Luellin Leo Haymo (26),No. 156, 2nd Cross, 1st main road, New Bel road, Behind Mayuri hotel, AGS layout, Bangaluru-560094

Friday, February 12, 2016

Luellin Leo Haymo(26), S/o Stephen Leo Haymo, is suffering from multiple sclerosis for the past four years and admitted to NIMHANS hospital, Bangaluru at present. He needs financial help for the injections which Luellin has to take. The cost of the injections are Rs 80,000 per month. The doctors have advised that Luellin has to take the injections for three years continuously every month which would cost Rs 30,00,000 (Rs thirty lacs).
He will need to undergo physiotherapy on daily basis which would cost Rs 700 daily. Their financial condition is bad. Luellin’s mother is a housewife and his father just lost a job at the Atria hotel, Bangaluru as it shut down due to renovation and he is unemployed now.
They have requested your good selves to help their family in this situation so that they can go forward with the injections.
Kindly send your remittances to their following bank account.
Bank Account No.: 121310035112
Names of the Account holders: Luellin Leo Haymo and Stephen Leo Haymo
Bank: Dena Bank, 
Cholanagar branch, 
# 38,C I L Main road, 
Thimmakka Layout, 
Near Acharya Institute, 
Cholanagar, Bangaluru 560032.
Bank IFSC Code: BKDN0611213
MICR: 560018013
Telephone No.: 91 97393 41821, 91 96868 62617