Satvik Nayak


At age 5 Satvik has performed 50 magic shows with 75 amazing magic tricks in schools, old age homes and special schools with the objective to spread awareness of Down Syndrome, as on May 19, 2014. He was not an ordinary kid attending classes at UKG- Bethany Pre-Primary School in Puttur, instead is a extra-ordinary kid magician who has performed over hundred magic shows in Karnataka, in creating awareness on mental retardation through magic shows- and for his exceptional achievement for 2014, honoured by President of India-Pranak Mukerjee on Children’s Day-14 November at Rastrapathi Bhavan in New Delhi. This extra-ordinary and talented kid magician is none other than Satvik Nayak of Puttur, the son of Umesh and Roopashri Nayak.

Satvik has performed over 100 magic shows in various parts of Karnataka, mainly to bring awareness on Mental Retardation at Schools, Special schools, Old-age homes and Orphanages free of cost, along with his mentally challenged uncle-Suresh Nayak, who is a recipient of four Limca records for telephonic Number Memory and magic shows. Satvik who had watched his uncle performing magic shows, wanted to learn magic also and follow in his uncle’s footsteps. Satvik has been entered into the Asia Book of Records & India book of Records for being the youngest magician to perform magic shows for a noble cause.